Welcome to mailing lists managed by IPAC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I send a message to the list, I receive an error message. What to do ?
A: The error message indicates what to fix. The most common mistakes are:
- Too many recipients, messages to the list must be sent only to the address of the list WITHOUT other addresses, even in CC
- Message size too big, according to lists if attachments are allowed their maximum size is 5 MB. If you want to transmit a larger attachment, use Wetransfer, Swisstransfer, Dropbox or other equivallent service and copy the link in a message to the list. In any case, return your message to the list once corrected the problem announced in the error message.

Q: Do I have to wait for the moderator to validate my message?
A: No, the moderator will not validate poorly formatted messages. You must return your message once the problem has been corrected.

Q: I do not receive my own messages from the list, why?
A: Look in the folder that handles SPAM with your email software. If your email account is at Gmail, Google considers that the sent message is duplicate with the one that is returned from the list and does not display it. This behavior is normal and Google does not allow to change it. The best way to know if your message has arrived on the list is to consult the online archive by following the link at the bottom of each message in the list.

Q: How to change my personal data or cancel my subscription to the list?
A: Follow the link at the bottom of each message in the list. If you no longer have your password, you can have it returned to the email address that is registered.